What We Do.

YAE! [Young Artists Empowerment] is a multidisciplinary Arts

program for female/femme/non-binary identifying youth: offering 

pre-professional training in street art/mural making and dance. YAE! is 

led by Wolf BirdDance and supported in collaboration by Portland Street

Art Alliance: both female-run organizations. This year, YAE! is

sponsored in part by the Regional Arts and Culture Council and

STEPS PDX. Our program's mission is to "smash stereotypes" and

support young women in embracing their own artistic voice. We aim

to empower young women to find representation through art and



Since 2014, WolfBird Dance has been heavily

involved, gaining traction and vocality, in Portland's dance 

community. Through the years, we have used our performance

work to speak out about political and social themes, and have

been identified within our community as “artistic activism." With

each new year, we welcome the evolution and development of our

mission. In 2018, WolfBird shifted its focus and main ambition towards 

YAE!, an outreach program developed and managed by WolfBird Founder 

and Director, Raven Jones. The program was inspired by WolfBird's last 

evening length work 'Where to Wear What Hat', a satirical narrative 

about women's roles in society. As we shift our company focus

towards empowerment and outreach, we look forward to the journey 

this program is taking us on.


Since 2012, Portland Street Art Alliance has worked to

cultivate a more democratic culture of creative expression in the

city. To do this, we actively form alliances between communities

and provide emerging artists resources. Learn more about

PSAA at www.PDXStreetArt.org.